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    How do I delete students from the program?

    Note: This is for non-Clever users only. If your school uses Clever, please contact your district office for more information on how to add students.

    *Only the subscription coordinator (admin) can delete students.

    To delete a student(s):

    1. Click on Management, then Manage Students.
    2. Select the student(s) you wish to delete.
    3. Click on delete.

    If you receive the error, “Student X could not be permanently deleted from your school because they are actively using another product…” 

    This error indicates that the student is still assigned to a teacher in Reading Eggs. First, you must unassign the student from their teacher in Reading Eggs then you can go back into Mathseeds and delete the student.

    How do I remove a student (unassign/remove a license) from the program?

    1. Select Manage students/Manage Class
    2. Select the student’s name.
    3. Click Remove from Class

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