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    How do I add students?

    Note: This is for non-Clever users only. If your school uses Clever, please contact your District office for more information on how to add students.

    If you would like to add multiple students:

    1. On Management, click Manage Students. 
    2.  Click Download the Sample File and enter your students' information. The sample file will open as an Excel spreadsheet. It's not necessary to include the External Student ID and SIS ID, however, please ensure these columns have values. For example, column E has SIS ID in cells 1-10.
    3. Save the Excel spreadsheet as a .CSV file in a folder that's easy to find such as your desktop.
    4. Click upload a CSV and select the CSV file.
    5. Select Upload a CSV. 

    Performing a bulk upload, will automatically generate usernames and passwords for your students. 

    To Add an Individual Student: 

    1. On Management, click on Manage Students.

    2. Under create new student, enter the student’s first name, last name, grade and teacher and click go.

    This will automatically generate a username and password for the student.

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