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    Troubleshooting Tips

    Most problems with Mathseeds can be fixed by following the troubleshooting steps below. Try these steps in order. If one doesn’t fix the problem, move onto the next one.

    Desktop Users

    • Refresh the page.
    • Ensure you have fixed line high-speed broadband access.
    • If you’re experiencing issues using Internet Explorer, please try an alternate browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.
    • Clear your browser’s cache: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache

    Tablet Users

    • Refresh the page.
    • Ensure you have high speed Wi-Fi internet access.
    • Ensure that JavaScript is enabled on your device.
    • Ensure that sound is not muted on your device.
    • Clear the browser history and cookies: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-the-History-on-an-iPad
    • Close and restart the application/browser.
    • Reset your device.
    • Delete and re-install the application, if using Reading Eggs app.

    If problem persists, we would recommend having your IT technician check the following for you:

    • Check firewalls / security settings / content filter as sometimes this blocks contents, like sound and images
    • Modify proxy/content filter settings to accept larger files up to 20MB in size.
    • If traffic from our CDN is not cached, there will likely be an unnecessary increase in bandwidth expenditure on the schools network. The relevant URLs to cache are:
      • *.readingeggsassets.com
      • avatars.readingeggsassets.com
      • books.readingeggsassets.com
    • It is essential that content relating to the IP address for our web server (corresponding to readingeggs.com) is not cached. All other content should be cached. To determine the IP, run the following in the command line: dig +nostats +nocomments +nocmd readingeg-ElasticL- 1UO1RKW26KU45-1985629742.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com
    • The following file extensions should be allowed in the group policy:
      • .mp3
      • .png
      • .jpg
      • .js

    Please ensure that the following lists of URLs are accessible through your school network in order to use the site:

    • *.readingeggs.com
    • readingeggs.com
    • api.readingeggs.com
    • public.readingeggsassets.com
    • assets.readingeggsassets.com
    • books.readingeggsassets.com
    • student.mathseeds.com

    Should you have any questions or would like some assistance please contact our Customer Service team via email [email protected] or via phone on 1-877-661-4898.

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